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Solar solutions are fast becoming a preferred option over all other energy sources. These systems work using specialized cells that have the ability to capture energy from the sun. Solar PV systems can work virtually anywhere and do not need the scorching sun to harvest energy. The energy collected is converted into electricity and this can be used not just to power appliances in your home but also for lighting.

Facts about Solar Energy Benefits

Forget what you have heard about solar energy is inefficient and unreliable. Here are a few facts that a trip to any false information will get you regarding the advantages of these systems.

Source of income - installing solar PV in your home is a good way to earn passive income. If your system has the capacity to generate more electricity than you need in your home you can sell the extra to the grid. The feed-in tariff program helps you do this. In addition to this, the UK government in a bid to encourage the use of solar pays you for installing and using solar PV.
Lower electricity bills - We will only charge you for the initial cost of installing your system. You may need maintenance once in a while but that is it. No more outrageous electricity bills for as long as you are tapping energy from the sun.
Go green - if you support the green world campaign then a solar PV installation is the best energy option for you. You reduce carbon emissions into the air by a huge percentage when you use solar energy.

Other features include the following:

Solar energy is efficient and reliable
Compared to other energy sources, solar energy is largely free
Solar energy is clean and does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere
There are several types of the solar PV system to suit any kind of setup

How They Work

Having solar PV installed for your home is all well and good but how exactly do these photovoltaic cells work? It is important to have a basic understanding of how the systems in your homework.

Well, PV cells are essentially several layers of materials like silicon which are semiconductors. Once installed and light from the sun falls on it, the cells create a field in between the layers. It goes without saying that the amount of electricity produced is directly proportional to the amount of sunshine available. Therefore, more sun = more electricity production.

PV cells can be mounted on panels that are usually placed on the roof or ground. The positioning has to be vantage so that a lot of sunlight can be harvested. While the basic ingredient in a solar PV system is sunlight, you need a couple more components to control, convert and even store the energy efficiently. Solar PV systems differ but you may find that you will require a power converter, a power bank, wiring, power surge protector and switches.

Installation Options for Solar PV

There are several companies in Kent and surrounding areas that specialize in all matters of solar PV. Depending on the size of the system you are looking to install, you can either buy and install a solar PV yourself or contract a company to do it for you.

All you require is some basic knowledge on how solar panels function and you will be all set to get yours up and running. Some companies package their solar PV units with detailed instructions for those customers who prefer a D-I-Y job every once in a while.

Care must be taken when it comes to the installation of units. There are many reasons for this but perhaps the most obvious is the ability to cater to a wide variety of clients. Big suppliers focus on big projects such as solar for schools which cost a lot to set up but smaller energy companies carry out installations even for low energy requirement projects for solar for homeowners.

In addition to this, smaller companies seem more approachable, making them a more likely choice for people looking to buy solar PV units. These companies also make a killing carrying out repairs and maintenance on units in Kent and other areas.

Types of Solar PV Systems

Stand-alone PV systems

Utility interactive systems

Solar energy is efficient, affordable and environment-friendly. It only requires a one-time installation and a few sessions of maintenance annually. Depending on your needs, you can get DC power, AC power or a combination of both from your solar PV system. For those looking to integrate solar power into the existing electricity grid, the utility-interactive system solar PVs are the best option.


Is going green affordable?

For a long time, people have been stressing the importance of protecting the environment. We all know that there are many things that we can do; we can reduce pollution or waste, we can use renewable energy and materials, we can recycle, we can reduce our consumption of certain items, we can plant trees, we can save water, the list goes on and on. It is true that the impact of human activity is damaging our planet, which is the very source of all our resources, so we should reverse our actions and take care of the environment before we no longer have what we need to live. 

It is also true that taking care of the planet in such a way is a great investment. Going green usually requires extra effort and, in some case studies, even pouring some money into the mix. However, in some cases, changing our lifestyle or our hardware to be more environmental friendly can, in fact, make us save money. One example of this is LPG conversion for cars: it might require some cash upfront to pay for the LPG system and the installation, but once you have that going, you will see your fuel expenses dramatically drop. 

Another great example of how you can save money and be more environmental friendly at the same time is to install solar panels on your roof to make your own electricity.

Cut down costs with solar panels

Solar panels will produce electricity without consuming any resources, with the mere sunlight that shines on us all. The silicon cells that are inside the glass panels react to the sun rays and produce energy, which goes right to your cables. As you make your own energy, you don’t need to pay bills for it. In other words, it’s free energy. If you can produce enough electricity to cover your needs, you won’t have to pay for it at all. These cases are rare; in most opportunities, people will cut down their electricity expenses, but not reduce them to zero.

Solar power installers that can cover your needs can cost between four and seven thousand pounds, and yet in a few years, you will have saved so much money that you will triple your investment. Also, there is a very interesting program in which a payment will be made to you - yes, you’ve read it right, the government pays you - for the energy that your solar panels produce, whether or not you use it. If you don’t, it will go right to the street cables and add up to the voltage of the public power lines for someone else to benefit from it. 

This is called the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and is funded by all citizens in their energy bills. As you can imagine, this has encouraged quite a few Britons to install solar panels on their roofs in the hopes to make some money in the long term - hopes that are usually met, between the FIT and the money that they save every month on energy bills. In our webpages there is plenty of information on this matter, including the very interesting fact that if your house is more energy-efficient, you will get an even higher amount of money every month out of the FIT.

However, solar panels, as you can see, are quite expensive. Some people decide to take a loan or even remortgage their houses in order to afford them, but then they have to deal with the interests generated by these financial schemes. Is there, then, another option for saving money and even make revenue without paying upfront?

Free solar panels

Yes, you hear right. There are companies offering to install free solar panels on your roof. How is that possible and how does that make sense?

This isn’t an act of charity, as we hope you have imagined. Some companies offer a very interesting scheme in which they lease your roof for around 20-25 years and install solar panels there. As they are leasing your rooftop and installing the panels, they’re technically theirs, so they get the benefits of the FIT instead of you. However, this has some advantages for you: you receive a portion of the FIT as compensation for the lease, and you get to use the energy generated by these solar panels for free. If you are interested in this possibility, we suggest that you consider green energy, which compares both options quite thoroughly.

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