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What if I told you that there is a way to save money on your energy bills? Well, yes there is; solar panels. The good thing is that you get to kill two birds with one stone; pay lower energy bills as well as contribute to a greener environment. 

Solar panels are rapidly gaining popularity, especially since they do not have monthly costs, have affordable installation costs and are backed by the government through incentives to promote a cleaner environment. All these make it one of the leading home improvement options for many people today.

Solar energy will have you enjoying the lower cost of living for eons to come; but only if it is professionally fitted.  Silicon Photovoltaics are usually fitted on the roof to collect sunlight and convert it to electricity, which is then distributed to various outlets ready for use. It is connected to an inverter and monitor. The monitoring unit helps keep track of how much electricity is produced and how it is used. 

What to Look For In A PV Solar Installer 

Choosing a solar panel fitter is no longer as simple as flipping through the yellow pages or making a few clicks on Google. At this day and age, it is very easy to research so that you are thoroughly informed about the choices you make. It is important to note that the person or company you hire will be entirely responsible for the solar power technology and all the electric connections in your home/office. Therefore, you need to hire someone who knows exactly what they are doing to avoid costly mishaps. But how can you identify the perfect solar installer? Here are a few pointers.

Is The Installer Adequately Trained?

Solar panel fitters should have a variety of training before they are licensed to carry out the trade. This is because if the fitting is done wrong, it could lead to damage to the panels, or even burn down the house! Therefore, a Kent solar fitter should have the following.

City and Guilds qualification in small scale solar testing and installation
BPEC qualification in PV and thermal solar installation
Certified Electrical Association qualification in microgeneration
Adhere to building regulations in electrical and structural safety and site preparation standards

Is The Installer Accredited?

Officially, the UK does not have any solar panel installation accrediting bodies. However, when looking for an installer, it is advisable to hire someone with MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme) registration. It may not be a legal requirement, but MCS assesses and accredits only those who have demonstrated the highest industry standards. MCS accredited installers will also give you the following benefits.

You’ll benefit from a cashback guarantee with the FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) for the renewable energy generated by PV solar panels
You’ll be eligible for the green energy grant (from Herriot watt University) from RHPP (Renewable Heat Premium Payment)
You can benefit from a cashback guarantee from RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) for using renewable heat

Is The Installer Experienced?

How long has the installation company been in business? It is important to note that even people who have not been in the business for long can be quite good at their work. You can talk to their previous customers to better understand how they handle their projects as well as their customer relations culture, and charges. It is important to work with people who are conversant with the solar industry and the new technological advancements.

What Are The Charges?

One important thing you have to note is that the lowest-priced contractor does not always do shoddy work, and the highest priced contractor isn’t always the best. Therefore, it is advisable to do research on the different installers before making a choice. Remember that the solar panels are made to last for 25 to 30 years. This means that you have to choose someone worth your while. A small saving today can cost you thousands in the course of the panel’s lifetime.

Do They Give Warranties?

There are people who can install a solar panel for you and offer flowery guarantees that are not valid or they will not honor. Therefore, check the suppliers of the products they are using. In this information age, you can quickly do a search online and find out more about the panels; the product range, specs, and any problems they might have. It is important to deal with reputable service providers only to avoid getting into losses.

Considering the Irradiation Factor

Location-wise, the best sites for Solar Energy Harvesting range from 1 acre to even more than a 100 acres, and are located in vast open stretches of the countryside or in rural areas. There is a great amount of planning involved with regard to the establishment and maintenance of solar farms; the factor of irradiation needs to be taken into account and therefore, these solar farms need to be located strategically based on the irradiation factor of the given area. When it comes to solar energy research, always rely on a highly experienced technical team that can provide you with innovative solutions, and yet abide by the legal and environmental parameters.

Meeting Renewable Energy Targets

The sustainability of the given site is a significant parameter in order to calculate whether the solar farm would be able to meet the Renewable Energy Targets and become financially viable in the long run. An interesting fact is that not only are solar farms deemed as the most eco-friendly form of energy harvesting and Herriot watt University, this also aids in the restoration of ecosystems, thereby having a positive impact on biodiversity. For instance, endangered species of bees find their abode in these farms, along with excellent stretches for the grazing of sheep and cattle.

Monitoring Performance and Security of Parks

Simon Hopkins Renewable Energy is definitely the most trusted name in the UK, for Operation and Maintenance of Solar Farms not only within the UK but all across Europe as well. With a highly experienced and certified team of engineers and technical experts, their services are simply unparalleled in this extremely specialized realm of renewable energy. Over the years, Solar Energy has become one of the most crucial sources of renewable energy in Europe, and this trend is expected to rise further because the world is witnessing depleting reserves of fossil fuels. In such a scenario, many countries where there are scarce oil and gas deposits will eventually turn towards harvesting renewable energy on a large scale in order to fulfill their energy requirements.

The profitability of Solar Farms

Being vast ground locations where solar energy is produced at a mass level, the profitability of solar farms is dependent on the amount of solar radiation available in the given area, or the irradiation level to which the farm area gets exposed to. In fact, this is the very basis on which a renewable energy expert goes on to determine whether the area is suitable for setting up a solar farm or not. The other factors that are determinant of the profitability include the efficiency of the operations and maintenance activities that are carried out on the farm. It is important to note that setting up a solar farm involves a huge amount of initial investment, and the energy generation needs to start bringing in profits on a scale that can justify the initial investments.

Advantages of Solar Farms

Solar Energy is receiving a huge impetus in the UK, because of its numerous advantages. One of the most significant benefits of setting up solar farms is that these sites can be used for wildlife and nature conservation, which is a purpose that is unique to this form of renewable energy and is probably not possible for any other energy farm. On the contrary, the pursuit of nonrenewable energy sources largely involves the destruction of ecosystems by the process of mining, erecting dams, carrying out deforestation and so on. Solar Energy Farms or Parks exist in harmony with the locals residing in the vicinity of the area, and in fact, provide livelihood opportunities to them. It is a hundred percent clean and pollution-free form of energy, that does not require much interference or labor intensiveness, and the overall energy-production costs get lowered with time.

Well-Managed Solar Farms

With the increasing consumerism, the per capita energy consumption in the UK is only bound to increase with time. In order to sustain the high levels of energy consumption for supporting commercialization and urbanization, it is necessary to harness energy from non-renewable sources that do not wreak havoc on existing ecosystems by damaging and polluting them. Industries are beginning to understand the significance of solar energy in meeting their energy requirements in terms of cost-efficiency in the long-run as well. A number of research and development activities are being taken up by leading scientists across the world to develop ways that can aid in harvesting solar energy in increasingly efficient manners, so that the dependence on fossil fuels can be reduced.


Solar panel installation is a long-term investment; you can enjoy a well-installed system for up to 30 years. Therefore, you need to engage the right installer and invest in quality panels. Remember to pick someone who has a reputation for quality work. Check the nitty-gritty of the contract such as insurance, hidden charges, the cost of the entire project, the cost of canceling the project, etc. Thoroughly comb the contract and make sure you understand the terms before signing it. 



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